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Every series has been decided by which team has the bigger market. Boston > Toronto LAL > Houston Miami > Milwaukee Miami > Indiana Boston > Philadelphia (injured Ben Simmons) Denver > Salt Lake City Los Angeles Clippers > Dallas Houston > Oklahoma City Los Angeles Lakers > Portland Toronto > Brooklyn Portland > Memphis Only exception would be Milwaukee > Orlando, but it's close, and was a 1 vs an 8 seed. So far it's been a "TV Playoffs". Given how the refs have been known to be "company men" when it comes to calling games, really not surprised at this outcome, but still it's pretty egregious. Let's predict the rest of the playoffs then: Miami Boston could go either way, but I think the world is tired of Boston and the NBA wants to see Jimmy Butler advance. Plus, I think the NBA wants to guarantee LeBron his title, so they probably think Miami is the lower-ranked easier team to beat. (I'm not so sure, but refs have lots of power) Lakers will beat Denver Lakers will probably beat Clippers. Kawhi just isn't that marketable, and the NBA already has given him enough sugar from last year when the Golden Children were all banged up (Shoulda been Philly but Philly's owner is a dipshit). Los Angeles > Boston OR Miami LeBron is built up as a legend even tho he's made a career of choking in the big games, and that sells future tickets. In my book, LeBron only has one legit chip, and I didn't see those playoff series that year so might be better than that. NBA was determined to not let Spurs win that one year, and they blatantly fixed the 2016 series with the Draymond Green suspension (and Andrew Bogut injury was a big factor in the final 2 games). But this year has been all about LeBron, and I don't see that failing to continue barring injury to him or brow.
Does Den > LAC go for or against the theory? LAC the bigger market, but LA eyeballs already captured by the Lakers
john replied:
I dunno, it's a great question. Several factors: 1. How big are the actual fan-bases worldwide? Denver has some international appeal with Eastern European Jokic 2. You're spot-on with sub-city action 3. Ultimately I think the prize for the NBA is LeBron, and LeBron likely would MUCH rather play Denver than Kawhi 4. Denver has been badly in need of some love & attention, Clippers not so much. then from just a pure basketball standpoint: 1. Clippers deserve whatever happens to them simply bc Marcus Morris??? Seems like obvious dead-weight, and a move they should pay the price (once again). 2. Return of Gary Harris 3. Denver is sneaky-cool with Porter Junior, nice move by their GM. But I guess this has been decided, Denver. I didn't get to see it, but who was playing D on Kawhi & George. WOW! Guessing Harris and Jeremi? What a job!
I'll think all but Miami Milwaukee have had the favorite win. Can't really say the refs caused Milwaukee to lose in 5. League also wants more playoff games overall. Also, LAC losing would be an absolute disaster for NBA. Surprised they didn't put the kibosh on that sooner
john replied:
Refs are tricky, there's a lot of ways they affect the game which get hidden in the box score. they know they are under a microscope and need to make it APPEAR everything is fair. But they don't.
john replied:
Some day when I watch sports again, I'll throw out some timely examples of gerrymandering by refs. It's almost cool how they do it, but not to gamblers!
john replied:
Why LAC losing a disaster for NBA? I think NBA's #1 goal is 4 rings for LeBron to elevate him towards at LEAST Kobe and Tim Duncan status.