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Total Economy: 1.14 USD
Possible pool for round two... Place $1 bets on a team to win the title. Correct bets split the pot. Use some kind of Bitcoin based cryptography scheme to hide what the bets are until the pool is closed. Happy to hold the pot or delegate the responsibility. Anyone in?
apagut tipped:
0.27 USD
2 years ago
jack tipped:
0.28 USD
2 years ago
Give me the raptors
Lakers, there's my $1
jack tipped:
0.61 USD
1 year ago
apagut replied:
jack replied:
Hmm... making a bet against a professional poker player... sounds like I'd be guaranteed to be taken to the cleaners! But I'm for up for anything (in the $1 fun realm) to help propel this social bitcoin experiment. Let me know if you pull something together. No pref who holds the pot.
jack replied:
I promise I have no secret info ;)