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We are spiritual animals

We are spiritual animals

Fact is, humans are thinking animals.

Homo sapiens = "wise man" or "thinking man"

Humans are spiritual animals.

Spiritual at the same time, animal at the same time.

Never are we not spiritual, never are we not animals.

At certain times, we may practise suspending one or the other, but the fact is that we are both at the same time.

Now, as it is with a pet dog that licks itself, it is simultaneously disgusting and endearing.

That's how we are with our babies, aren't we? We are simultaneously disgusted with them and find them endearing, when they smear food on their faces. When they poop and laugh.

Disgusting and endearing.

Animal and spiritual.

At the same time, all the time.

Such is love.

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Yes, Alpha. I hear you. I was having similar thoughts this week. You haven't fully experienced the visceral nature of being human until your baby has leaked/projectiled every possible fluid from their eyes (tears), nose (snot, blood), mouth (breastmilk spit-up, vomit, more blood, etc.) and bottom parts (yes, pee and poop) somehow, onto your body (the mom, in my case). I can empathize with all other mammal mothers with clingy babies who need milk all day long, a perfectly natural situation. I could not believe it the early days but now they're a distant memory. This came up in conversation with a pregnant family member who's due very soon!
satoshidoodles replied:
Oh, and the spiritual part too!
alphalim replied:
Heheh. Thanks for sharing! My boy is 13, now, so that part is quite far away in memory for me, too. But, yea. Parenting is a visceral education in love! Just typing this, the physical memories are coming up...