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Millennia seeds die For toxic patented life More moronic lies
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pete tipped:
Another great painting to match a great haiku, there's one too many syllables on the first line but again it's still a brilliant haiku! And I love the painting!
glauce replied:
Thank you@ricreate! Aha... I didn't take chances this time, not after the last two... 😆... also thought there was one too many and checked with the syllable counter before posting... haiku is a tricky art!
rlcreate replied:
I think you're really unlucky with this, syllable counter does show that millennia is 3 syllables but it's wrong on this one, I've double checked a couple other sources and it's definitely 4 syllables, another good syllable count website is wordcalc.com, but like I said it's still a brilliant haiku and pairs with the beautiful painting really well! 🙂
glauce replied:
That is so cool... it makes me smile that we are getting down and dirt on the syllables counting matter, something I've overlooked for ever before haiku... I love it... thank you! I think this one is a bit hard to repair... but will think about it... 🙄
Nice, cool painting!
glauce replied:
Hi@joexcomics... thank you! Eagerly waiting for one of yours... 😁
Paper Field, acrylic and sand on paper on canvas, 173 x 140 cm