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BSV Basics

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Hey mates, I want to play with raw tx, I m looking for something easy to build raw tx and being able to change nlocktimes and nsequences. What txbuilder do u suggest? Thanks and peace
glauce tipped:
A question to inspire new beginnings, thank you Arbusto!
I haven't used it but think txforge can do this sort of thing...@libs
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libs replied:
@arbusto yes tx forge can help you: https://github.com/libitx/txforge Txforge doesn't get give you direct ways to play with nlocktime (its on the todo list), but you have access to the underlying bsv2 tx object so can directly manipulate it. Josh did a video explaining how to do this: https://streamanity.com/video/EauwH9s8IjT8?ref=5da043d3-1724-474b-b910-4d5174c0a190
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arbusto replied:
I think this video is going to be really useful. I had read txforge doc but i couldnt find how to change nsequences and I wasn't 100% sure I could. Thanks sir. Thank all Matterpool for me.
libs replied:
nSequence is just a parameter on the input. new Forge({ intputs: [{ ...utxoParams, nSequence: 1 }] })
arbusto replied:
Yes, but I am really stupid lol. Thanks!
shadders replied:
There is no stupid.. Only learning.