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swandive tipped:
0.02 USD
2 weeks ago
He is trying to kill my LOGO lovely blue button with 1BSV ? haha... look ! people like to play with this button! THIS is the ultimate reality in bitcoin.
it makes no sense to just use moneybutton. hope you can add RelayX, Dotwallet and Volt in the near future. Thx!
RelayX is a superwallet and is becoming complex. Moneybutton is plain and simple. New users will find it far easier to use. And this is critical at this point of transitioning the crowd. RrlayX seems to be heading on building the first BSV phone :) Just an honest observation.
river replied:
bring it on
Does "you" mean "you all"? Do all 600 of your followers get 1 BSV if Powping adds a wallet that existing accounts would not be able to use? I guess unwriter would need to implement a few other things to make that feasible. Scope creep is a mother...
unwriter replied:
Haha if that was the case, i would have given it a serious thought just to troll@jackcliu Yes you're right, it's important to add as minimal set of features as possible to get maximum effect. Right now there are so many ideas that can be built very easily but are not being added yet, because I'm trying to distill them down to essence.
samooth tipped:
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2 weeks ago
jasmr tipped:
0.14 USD
1 week ago
seangray replied:
He presents a false equivalency. You would have to make existing user accounts work with relayx wallet. He only has to make new user wallets work. Let's be honest, I even tried to use relayx with my streamanity account and they advised me to just create a new account with relayx... which didn't work btw. I still cannot add money to any streamanity account, new or existing. Priorities I guess.
This entirely depends on the demand for RelayX. Moneybutton is an excellent wallet for microtransactions and identity that 99.999% of BSV users are already using. RelayX was great when I could top up and cashout via venmo or cashapp. I don't really use it for much otherwise. This ping by Jack gives some context for his previous "insights".
jackcliu replied:
first line in my response is tongue and cheek. the short of it is moneybutton is definitely more of a priority for streamanity than adding relayx for powping and for good reason. so we are actually all in agreement.
bitcoinappdev tipped:
0.02 USD
2 weeks ago
koloeridiarts tipped:
0.07 USD
2 weeks ago
mamatrohimat replied:
I have commented, powping will add relayx before streaminity add money Button. So, he will send me 1 BSV :-) You know what I mean sir@unwriter
marie replied:
Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.