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SoSA - Society of Spiritual Artists

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Image: Hilma Af Klint - Tree of Knowledge (series) 1913/1915 Hilma Af Klint expresses "Everything is Unity", which is completely true, yet we find ourselves seemingly bound within a framework of time and space. In this artwork, there is an obvious connection and "flow" between the two "spheres". Hilma must use the symbols within her own frame of reference (heart, chalice, doves) to represent "levels" of consciousness or some sort of "path to enlightenment", yet these are but symbols, given to open the mind, to show/expose "other" possible realities. We are being shown/guided/taught a new visual language that something else IS available. As an artist how do you symbolize the wholeness of an eternal consciousness, that seems to be "trapped" in a time/space/body identity? Share your explorations.