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we can all agree that DeFi is a massive Ponzi Scheme right?
Sure. However, people haven't had their fill of scams yet. Evidenced by willingness to send irretrievable payments to twitter personalities for a quick 2x. When DeFi inevitably collapses 2 -3 years from now it will help regulators build their case. We haven't seen anything egregious enough to bring on the LAWR just yet.
patrick replied:
I think the Twitter incident showed us how unaware a lot of digital currency holders are... which is pretty dissapointing. I think DeFi will collapse a lot sooner than 2-3 years, however, I think a lot of people are just learning of DeFi for the first time, and that they are being reeled in by the potential profits that can make. DeFi has a lot of gravity right now.
Nothing new. But defi which take valuable Coin in exchange with new token, can be easily a way of scam
patrick replied:
yup, a lot of money has been flowing into DeFi platforms lately https://defipulse.com/