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Introducing "Linked Identities" Bitpost now lets you cryptographically link your identity with other 3rd party apps, wallets and services. This works similar to Keybase's sigchain feature, just we Bitcoin keys and the Bitcoin blockchain. If you link your Money Button or Relay identity you'll be able to benefit from 1-click sign in from those services. But this also opens the door to much smarter interoperability between Bitcoin apps. Read more here: https://www.bitpost.app/u/bitpost/introducing-linked-identities-NSYUe2f
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1 year ago
Linked identities are now shown on your public profile page. For example: https://www.bitpost.app/u/libs/id/9e8b27c6dc6d1024f4d96f954a57277f695e99ee1280ce756f8acbd4cebd4630