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How to sell SFP tokens on your website?

This is an experimental feature from BSVTokens.net. With it anyone can put their token's buy form to an external website, like a WordPress blog. It's made with the good old iframe technology -- just like YouTube does it with their video embedding.

By default the width is 600 and height 350 pixels. Those dimensions can be changed.

Where to find the code?

  1. Log in to Token Market
  2. Find from My tokens list the token you'd like to sell
  3. Click either the Modify or Sell button
  4. Scroll down a bit

Examples: light and dark theme

Iframe with light theme.
Iframe with dark theme.

👉 This idea sort of came from Nate. Well, he had a good idea and this is what I made. So.

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link Tip
Is there a Mornin.run equivalent for SFP tokens?
pete replied:
I don't think so, but something distantly related is here: https://bitcointoken.exchange/
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