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Isn't the SegWit max transanction throughput 14tx/s even with 4mb?
It depends on the type of transactions, but to make it easy, simple transaction size is ~250 bytes, with most of it is signature. From what I understand, if we assume SegWit transaction size of 100 bytes, then 1Mb block can contain 10k transactions, or roughly 16 tx/s. (or more realistically 14 tx as you said). SegWit doesn't increase the block size to 2 or 4Mb, it just leaves separate space for signatures, and that is where up to 4Mb comes in. Pretty much you can only have up to 1,000,000 bytes standard block, but you can have some extra space where you add witness data.
max replied:
Yeah, the removal of signatures just adds more space in a block for transactions up to 4MB instead of increasing size. I see roughly 14tx/s to be said instead of 16tx/s so which is more "correct"? https://bitcoin.stackexchange.com/questions/57307/how-many-txid-gets-added-to-mempool-per-second/57309#57309
dimadan replied:
Hard to answer this exactly. Size of transaction varies. See for example here https://blockchair.com/bitcoin/block/654633  The last column, you have transaction sizes between 224 bytes and 20,000 bytes.    Theoretical limit for a minimum transaction size for segwit is 82 bytes (assuming 1 input and 1 output, which is not very often). 1,000,000 / 82 is 12,195 tx per block. on average you have 1 block per 10 minutes, so a little over 20 tx/sec maximum, assuming all 1 to 1 and all segwit (which is unreal). But, of course you can have more than 1 block per 10 minutes, and I've seen 10 blocks in 10 minutes, so that will give you 200+ tx/sec in some extreme cases.  The bottom line is both 14 and 16 tx/sec are good enough answers. BTC has a limiting factor, and it is very low. Even if it was 200 tx/sec, that's still too low.
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