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Tokenize BTC on BSV may be one of options for second later transactions processing. Tokenizing BTC on BSV gives some advantages: 1. Treat BTC as store value as being marketed by Bitcoin Maximalist 2. BTC will be the digital gold 3. BSV will be transactions processing or off-chain transactions system in BTC view. 4. Having BTC value with BSV fee. 5. Creating simbiosis mutualisme between the two chains. 6. BTC and BSV are having the same Genesis block. 7. Tokenizing BTC on BSV is better than Ethereum which doesn't have same Genesis block. 8. BSV is made to help BTC scale with its version other than lightning. Let do it. Industry leaders must take the lead. @jimmywin@unwriter@jack
I don’t think that’s sustainable. Once it’s acknowledged that BSV is superior as an underlying chain, the incentive is to sell BTC for BSV. I don’t think they can coexist with one tokenized on the other long term
esryix tipped:
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2 days ago
jack replied:
Fwiw, I don’t think it’s a bad short term idea. I think@linzheming has done this. I just don’t see it as an ultimate resolution
linzheming replied:
mamatrohimat replied:
What is it? Tokenise BTC by BSV will help it to be processed, if it survive. But, if then holders migrate to BSV, it make easy to migrate
Excellent idea@ramonquesada!!!
ramonquesada replied:
Tokenize BTC on BSV ?!!! I don´t see it, One word, One chain!!!!
mamatrohimat replied:
It can be a phase to get one chain, one world. Everything must have a phase, step by step