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This is a really interesting overview of the Handicap Principle, why proof of work fulfills the criteria, and how it differs from other costly signals. I'm not as sure as Daniel that isolating handicaps from other costly signals is unequivocally superior to a more complex bundle, nor am I sold that paying money to burn energy is a costly enough signal for most use cases or to result in more truth. But I now see the ways in which these might be true much clearer, and understand Boost POW vs other signals better than before. Oh, and video finally works! https://streamanity.com/video/4pFYIpSDipHY?ref=ab00d2c4-7e9b-412c-9338-2913474539ae
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3 days ago
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3 days ago
Not to mention that paying to burn energy reaches its point of diminishing returns quickly. Spend too much and people start thinking it's a scam. Spend too little and it's not a costly signal by definition. In addition, most normies are insensitive to spending money to burn energy as a signal. It's a common signal where false positives are common as well.
Would be interesting to see on Crash. References have to burn cash.
isaacmorehouse replied:
It would not work. It would make everyone feel awkward and confused. The signal economy is an ever changing mix of things and direct money/energy price is rarely the best or even a useful one. If someone boosted an email to me seeking a job I'd be less inclined to interview than if they spent time creating a project for my company. It would signal weird judgment and lack of context. I think there are use cases for boost, but I can't yet imagine any where other signals aren't superior.
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2 days ago
jack replied:
I agree. It’s an idea as terrible as it is fun
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2 days ago
isaacmorehouse replied:
It a chunk of my users were SV users, I might add some options like this for fun.
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I tipped myself $1 to get more visibility on this discussion. But since I get all the money back minus the tx fees, it's not a very accurate signal! Guess if I verifiably burned it with boost it would show how much I value you seeing the conversation. ;-)
musiq replied:
Personally, it doesn't matter how much you value it, it matters how much others value it. That's how market works. You may put a million dollar worth of boostpow on your mom's memorabilia because it's worth that much to you, but that doesn't mean the rest of the world cares. In fact they probably value it as not even 1 cent. That is, of course if you're a super famous celebrity and your mom's memorabilia is worth a lot just because of your fame. But again, that's based on how much others value it, not based on how much you value it yourself.
isaacmorehouse replied: