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Our purpose, our passion

The recurring pattern we call "Lion's mane" exists within multiple ecosystems, we will draw specific qualities from 3 separate entities that display this pattern. It's important to note that each being displays this pattern without conscious knowledge of each other. The 3 flowers in our logo represent the people, the primary colours and our branches. Yellow to blossom the arts. Red to blossom emergency services and blue to blossom community development.

Lionsmane fractalizes and polarizes the abstract qualities of its physical counterpart. From the mane of a lion we draw the handicap principle, displaying our charitable nature. Through the mycelial culture we grow cognitively stronger as we strengthen our connections while keeping toxins away. From the jellyfish we draw their size, their 600 million year old presence on earth and the symbiotic relationship to its surrounding environment. With these traits we honour our commitment to drive quality in mass quantities to communities all over the world.

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This sounds very interesting... will be watching!
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