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Powping now supports multiple moderators for a channel. Simply add a paymail, and the owner of the paymail address has the permission to moderate posts on the channel. ## 1. What a moderator CAN do: A moderator can hide or unhide posts. Further moderation features may be added in the future as they become necessary (feel free to make suggestions). ## 2. What a moderator CANNOT do: A moderator cannot change the name, description, or rules of the channel. This is only limited to the root admin of the channel (The creator).
Not really an issue if you don't know who the members of your group are.
Had to roll back because of some flaws, but will come back with an improved version! https://powping.com/posts/0ca81188c7e7c64190b137c7021dedbce468dc0e1c81c6adf02bda845275f902
Very helpful feature, thank you@unwriter