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RelayX Ft/NFT

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Are you a SHUA fan? A SHUA fan should have a SHUA fan to becool in summer. Gif made by big SHUA fan Paola Duro,Twetch@33549. https://relayx.com/market/93253ddee65a2e03b35fadde45164d6ff179b7658a492a9718ddb5b534e09429_o1
I grabbed one of these. 😎
Looks cool. I have one of the og MB Shuas and some of the RelayX ones too. Still not sure what to do with either haha Cool GIF
bitcoin_assassin replied:
Sell the og mb.
thoth replied:
lol dood what those traded for 700,000 relayx shua which was worth close to $28,000 last month when shua hit 4 cents
nate replied:
Where should I sell it? Bitcoin Exchange?
bitcoin_assassin replied:
That would be a good start. How much do you want for it?
nate replied:
I have no idea. I’m actually going to reach out to the guy that gave it to me. If it’s worth that much, I don’t want to run away with it. Wouldn’t feel right. See what he says first.