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link, the 5th biggest crypto currency by market cap can not be ignored too long. While the economic fairness of the coin is not guaranteed, it may have a genuine fundamental of crypto. It should be actually bitcoin agnostik, while the main Blockchain to be served is Ethereum. Ethereum, the second largest crypto currency also can not be ignored. If previously I said that the portfolio of crypto currency to be owned are BTC, BSV, and BNB. If we want to add by ETH and Link, it's ok. Though the economic fairness of ETH and Link don't fair as BTC or BSV, or even BNB.
Both are as easily ignorable as a fleeting spark within a dream. They have no more eternal consequences than an incorrect guess made on a child's test. Much greater tests are to come. Be prepared
LINK is a big pump and dump operation.
mamatrohimat replied:
All Crypto Currency is pump and dump. But pumping needs money. Why don't they pump BSV? :-)
nenicloud replied:
because we're going for stability
vccin_aux replied:
No pump . No people. No people. No utility.
nenicloud replied:
no dump?