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If you're a growing startup, which of the following are you focused on at the moment: 1️⃣ Raising funds 2️⃣ Building a good team 3️⃣ Working more productively 4️⃣ Setting up systems & processes 5️⃣ Creating a solid product If others, comment below...
_kevin_pham tipped:
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1 year ago
I think that given proper funding (1), I would be able to do the rest with relative ease. Having to worry about funding for someone who has little funds to start is extremely distracting.
I am actually focus on creating solid product. I believe, the main focus of the start up should be on product
5 - product 1 - not needed (yet) 2 - well if u did that, 1 would be needed 3 - dude, I am a productivity machine 4 - sounds boring
all. if one fails, it fails.
siosism replied:
If you are focused on all, you are focused on none 😉
libs tipped:
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1 year ago
bigtor replied:
all is important. that's why business is difficult.
siosism replied:
Of course 🙏 Just asked which you are personally focused on more with at this moment.
2️⃣ Building a good team
siosism replied:
Thanks for sharing@bitgor!