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Chasing the Bitcoin?

I came to Blockchain and Bitcoin because of the technology, not for the money. I struggled at first - because as I didn't have any cash in my moneybutton wallet, I could not post on the first platform I tried - Twetch. I was reluctant to use real cash to populate a waller that I did not understand. 

I know how money works, - and I trust - sort of - how credit and debit cards work. I have far more reservations about electronic wallets. I had read about users losing their passwords and being unable to unlock their wallets containing millions of dollars. Why should I spend my cash on anything like that?

But a friend I first met on beleaguered (and now defunct) social media site Tsu.co in 2014 placed $5 into my moneybutton account to get me started (and showed me how to claim my eileenb@moneybutton.com alias instead of an uninspiring number. The $5 enabled me to start to post on platforms that connected with the moneybutton wallet

I published my first post - and received some micro-payments from likes and shares. This small amount of cash helps me to continue to post even now. I can even afford to tip others.

I have noticed that (with one notable exception), folks do not hustle for money here as much as they do over on the new version of Tsu, now called Tsu.social and still in alpha. That platform is not based on Bitcoin and relies on the network effect to gather new users to like, share and build community through posts and communities.

I think that model will fail in the long term and the pay to play model will eventually succeed. Get around the problem of having to pay to post your first post (Powping manages this), and rely on kind readers to donate micropayments into new users accounts to get them started. This generosity will bubble new users up into contributing for the value they get on the platform, and prevent users that are solely in it for the cash. 

I'm not in it for the money. I have never bought any type of Bitcoin. I'm in it for the tech - and the potential of the tech. No more plagiarising, Universal ownership of the content for original content creators - and most importantly, the quality of the conversation will continue to rise. And that can only be a good thing can't it? 

Only time will tell...

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寛大さ と プレーマネー
@fullcycle brought me here. Testing out MoneyStream. It appears to be working. Definitely in Alpha though. Super interesting concept.
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fullcycle replied:
Yes. Early alpha. But a working alpha on mainnet. It can work (depending on user wallet and the status of my service). I need to make it always work.
I'm not in it for the money. I have never bought any type of Bitcoin. YOU do not buy money, You earn IT 🤩
eileenb replied:
When I joined Twetch, I needed 2c to post my very first post. I had no cash in my wallet so could not even start unless I used currency to get some crypto in my wallet. Now Twetch gives everyone 50c to get them started. Now I have earned enough to post. on Twetch.
What are some of the hustles that you see in other blockchain projects?
eileenb replied:
Remember steemit? there was lots of good content on there, bt a lot of social manipulation and 'pay me for this post' pleas.. Now its a different platform than it was at the beginning. I'm glad to be here ..
Building a tool now to onboard new users to web monetized platforms. New user can watch an advert/promo to earn first bitcoin to spend. Still a work in progress but functions now. https://bitcoinofthings.com/getstarted
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glauce replied:
Sounds great... good luck!
I know Tsu too! I checked it out during its early days and knew it would fail from day one. I found out because some of my friends started sharing "Join Tsu" posts on Facebook and TBH it felt like a pyramid scheme. I agree with you, every social network that makes "making money online" their core value will fail because it only attracts people who don't see the social network as a social network but a place to make money off of others. And that often leads to a culture where people only talk about things the rest of the site wants to hear, or some sensational and lurid content to get more attention. I don't know what Powping's core value is, but it sure ain't "make money off of others"!
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Thanks for sharing your reflections and journey Eileen! Now that Bitcoin as BSV is open for businesses and apps to build on, we will see more useful things built. Things like HandCash going keyless so users no longer have to worry about losing their 12 word seed or private keys. RelayX's USDC stable coin announcement meaning volatility won't be an issue for users not interested in speculating. The generosity of the community will definitely help in these early days, but quite soon we'll see way more opportunities for new users to earn their first BSV easily. Like watching an ad or answering a survey. Apps like Twetch also now fund new users accounts with 10 cents. I somewhat recognise Tsu. Do you know what blockchain they use, if any?
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eileenb replied:
I know a lot about Tsu as I followed its rise and ultimate demise all the way through. There was a lot of money earning content that consisted of google images posted on the platform designed to earn cash. When the new tsu alpha was announced, I wrote about it and asked if this version was going to be on the blockchain - but the answer was a definite 'No'. A shame as it is already beset by users wanting to make lots of cash for their efforts. it looks like the new Tsu is usig the same underlying architecture as the old Tsu - with an injection of investor cash, and a fancy, ad-riddled UI. Already it is suffering from the same challenges as the old version. my post for context - and history of the Tsu platform(s). https://www.zdnet.com/article/social-media-site-tsu-set-to-return/
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