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@libs I have a couple of questions - 1. What protocol is Bitpost using to post files on-chain? Is it custom or leverages the B:\\ protocol? Would be nice to integrate with the BitcoinFiles system somehow. 2. Have you looked into implementing PWA for Bitpost?
1. Good question. Long answer... Right now transactions are created in a way compatible with Operate. I could use B, as Operate handles that fine, but for now I've gone full on using native "Ops". A few reasons for this: - a part of my reason for building Bitpost is to demonstrate my other products Operate and Paypresto in the flesh. I totally want to show off Operate, so in time expect articles from me explaining how I use Operate and using Bitpost as a showcase. - even though I've currently disabled encryption for binary files, it is my intention to enable that. I don't think B is the right protocol for describing encrypted files. (also I fancy experimenting with gzipping text files, and again B isn't right for that.) - I'm not convinced B is as relevant as it was a year ago. BitFS indexes any binary data and intelligently guesses the content type without need for a specific protocol. I favour that approach over indexing files only if they confirm to a certain protocol. 2. Haven't looked in to it specifically. PWA can be quite far reaching - do you just mean being able to install the app on a devices home screen - or were you thinking more than that?
joshua replied:
joshua replied:
Not notifications or the other stuff, behaving like an app separate from the browser.
libs replied:
So just removing the browser chrome etc. I assume thats pretty easy to do - I'll look in to it 👍