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Is this in an infringement on nChain and RXC's Paymail patent? https://payid.org/ supported by Ripple
pete tipped:
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musiq tipped:
Sorry, but anything supported by ripple is an "infringement" on the future.
Just skimming through the whitepaper it does look like it overlaps with Paymail as far as I understand. Very curious if it infringes the patent
https://payid.org/whitepaper.pdf is an interesting read. Maybe some ideas may take Paymail forward as well.
musiq tipped:
Bitcoin SV devs could stay ahead of the curve by inventing a way to send and receive BSV with SMS. 😊
domino replied:
sms is a flawed protocol why would you build a skyscraper on a swamp?
pete replied:
Because most cellphones can send and receive SMS messages. 5 billion users. 😉
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