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Anthony De Mello

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An atheist fell off a cliff. As he tumbled downward he caught hold of the branch of a small tree. There he hung between heaven above and the rocks a thousand feet below, knowing he wasn’t going to be able to hold on much longer. Then an idea came to him. “God!” he shouted with all his might. Silence! No one responded. “God!” he shouted again. “If you exist, save me and I promise I shall believe in you and teach others to believe.” Silence again! Then he almost let go of the branch in shock as he heard a mighty Voice booming across the canyon. “That’s what they all say when they are in trouble.” “No, God, no!” he shouted out, more hopeful now. “I am not like the others. Why, I have already begun to believe, don’t you see, having heard your Voice for myself. Now all you have to do is save me and I shall proclaim your name to the ends of the earth.” “Very well,” said the Voice. “I shall save you. Let go of that branch.” “Let go of the branch?” yelled the distraught man. “Do you think I’m crazy?” 🙂 It is said that when Moses threw his wand into the Red Sea the expected miracle did not take place, it was only when the first man threw himself into the sea that the waves receded and the water divided itself to offer a dry passage to the Jews. 🙂
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