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we build this together.
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On rock and roll?
Is it possible to post multiple images per post or is this coming down the pipeline? Notice photo 1 after first image upload.
unwriter replied:
These are easy to implement, but I’m intentionally delaying it until I roll out the core dynamics of the app for simplicity’s sake. These include things like channels and more powerful identity management. Once these important parts are fleshed out, you will see these smaller features get rolled out pretty quickly.
channel is a big TOOL . Yes!
HI! Glad to be with you again 🤓 I am currently reading some scientific papers about Bitcoin where it is still not Turing Complete! Do not wip my ass please 🤪 im already Tonic complete
Extremely excited about channels, I can see this increasing adoption significantly.
Thanks 😊 for the invitation. I will contribute in whatever way I can manage to make this a success.
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miggy replied:
Non compromised dev team with a moral foundation that loves to work?
baltsar replied: