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Did anyone see the fireworks between Craig Wright and Nouriel Roubini at CoinGeek?
I missed it. What happened?
kurtoverley tipped:
kurtoverley replied:
Roubini went on a rant against all crypto, BSV included. He hates the idea of being forced to buy a token for a service, unlike all other markets where consumers can buy services with fiat. However, he probably hasn’t thought much about micropayments - not clear to me that this type of service could be delivered absent BSV or something similar.
felon_musk replied:
I also think tokenizing everything is a bizarre idea. Why doesn't anyone simply consider how to manage having tens of thousands of tokens in your cell phone wallet? Why would we ever do that versus "Here is the BSV, thank you for the item, now I go to this store and buy items with BSV, now I go here and buy items" Some things make sense to tokenize, not EVERYTHING. It's too complicated. If Nouriel doesn't understand the value of BSV beyond tokens he's ignorant, perhaps willfully.