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powping is the last hope I have on bsv. The signing information, the flexibility of texting, the powpress editing functions... the speed of development. Powping is so great that some how bsv doesn't deserve it. Bsv can be a heavy weight for PowPing... and ultimately PowPing needs to onboard a huge number of users because reading about bitcoin and apps and other similar stuff is not enough to make a site attractive. Powping should at least get to the Steemit level of audience, for getting some real chances to have a real audience
emily tipped:
Why are you losing hope about BSV? If it’s cus price is dropping then I believe you are looking at the wrong metric. Number can go up with no real developments happening. Likewise number can go down with no real fundamental reason why. You mention Tezos and Polkadot - I’m always keen to stay open minded, so what apps are you seeing on these blockchains that makes you think BSV is losing ground?
framore replied:
Hi Liam it is not the price, the price goes up and down. The problem is false promises... and something more
BSV's success hangs on enterprise-level adoption, not on proof of concept small projects like these. Proof of concept is still helpful in the overall adoption.
pete tipped:
framore replied:
I haven't seen any enterprise so far but let's see.
danlazo replied:
There won't be any for a while.
framore replied:
But meantime Tezos and Polkadot... they don't waste time
danlazo replied:
They don't have any adoption either. No blockchain does.