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Something wild is happening today.... in the first episode of the podcast I spoke a bit about gluten and iodine and connections to thyroid. I have been nauseous the past day or so, and overall generally not 100%. But also not "sick"... just tired and a bit grumpy. I use Lugol's Iodine on my skin, every day 4 drops. When I first started putting it on my skin it would absorb almost immediately, as I must have been incredibly deficient. Since then it started to take longer, maybe half the day would pass and there would still be a yellow tinge to my skin where it was applied. Well today I noticed that my skin was absorbing the iodine almost immediately again. And I feel sick, but also am craving bread as if I were a pregnant woman. Since I am gluten free I bought some mandioca based bread but didn't satisfy the craving... But I found this so interesting... especially in regards to what I spoke about during that podcast. My body might just mistake gluten or even bromine, store it in the thyroid mistaking it for iodine... which then causes other issues due to both the deficiency in iodine + inflammation of things being stored where they shouldn't be... There is something going on with my body today that is making it search for iodine desperately.... I added another 4 drops to my skin just 5 minutes ago and its already instantly been absorbed. I just took 2 kelp capsules as well.
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Did you had chocolate shake?
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hahah coolz, its just me teasing river as usual lol
much sad
You could also be sensitive to the moon! Today is a New Moon. So it energetically impacts our system both today and also Full Moon https://isha.sadhguru.org/global/en/wisdom/article/amavasya-journey-from-untruth-to-truth
river replied:
Wow this is weird... I was just speaking to a tarot card reader today on twetch about what the weird moon messages were... so I would say yes highly likely that I am sensitive to the moon....