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The "Bible" of investing is "Security Analysis" by Graham & Dodd, but it has MANY versions. Some prefer the original 1930s version. Some prefer the newest version updated for modern stocks and companies and times. But it's nice to be able to see the iterations, with their respective time-stamps in one place, to make that decision. Same goes for articles. For my articles, I want to do revisions, but don't want to lose control of the original. It allows both myself AND the reader to see where I've made mistakes and corrections. This is equivalent to Google Docs' version histories (available only to the author), but this would be for both author AND reader. That way, confusion doesn't occur "you said this... no I didn't... you changed it... no I didn't.....etc...." All this was quite important in the CSW Kleiman case, as a perfect example. Another perfect example is CSW has never "updated" the original White Paper, to keep it in historic context. But he should, it should just be done in versions which are open and stacked. Either that, or I have no idea what Bitfeed is, which is entirely possible.