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Shadders presented 2 updates to Node and 1 new Beta: merchant API (mAPI) update: allows callbacks from Node to merchant when double-spends occur or a merkle-proof is needed. BSV 1.0.6 "PUSH" update: Node-side notifications enabled: merkle proof verifications, double-spends. Sounds like it works in concert with mAPI (?) BETA launch... SPV CHANNELS. A messaging platform@shadders says "is not very BitCoiny" but that's only because it's a USER-side service providing always-on End-to-End-ENCRYPTED messaging. This means messages in which ONLY the sender and reciever of a message can see it. Very important for privacy. These solutions are base layers for the SPV movement, which is how BitCoin will allow true Peer-to-Peer transactions which are secure and private. What developers DO with these tools will be the exciting part.
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SPV channels sound interesting. Interested to learn more!
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