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Hm. I am having trouble attaching an image to a post from my mobile. Is there a trick to it?
@positivevibes I've found that even files greater than 1 MB seem to give me trouble. Anything under that seems to work without any issues.
unwriter replied:
I would say@neokiewiet would disagree :) 1MB is too small. Technically it should be allowed up to 5MB. If that doesn't work, there's something else going on. Would be happy to debug if you let me know next time it happens.
neokiewiet replied:
lol, I get the hint. Will limit the uploads if it causing issues :-) Up to 5mb works fine.
neokiewiet replied:
Sorry, it works fine from PC, have not tried uploading images from my phone.
unwriter replied:
No the gifs are beautiful, please keep them coming. Was just using as a good example of large size images working.
whale replied:
@unwriter With the smaller files, the blue progress bar stays and then after 10 secs or so, the image will show up in the post before I click on the post button. With the larger files, I just tried a 4 MB file, I don't get an error telling me the file is too big, it just doesn't seem to do anything even after 5 minutes. Then if I hit post, only the text posts. It's the same for me on my phone.
unwriter replied:
It should never take more than a few seconds to upload. Sounds like a network issue. Do you have good network connections when you upload?
Maybe the file is too large. images over 5MB are not allowed at the moment. Try uploading a smaller image or a scaled down image.
positivevibes replied:
That must have been it. It is working just fine now. Thanks everyone!