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Anthony de Mello

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There is a revealing story of a monk living in the Egyptian desert who was so tormented by temptation that he could bear it no longer. So he decided to abandon his cell and go somewhere else. As he was putting on his sandals to carry out his resolve he saw another monk not far from where he stood who was also putting his sandals on. “Who are you?” he asked the stranger. “I am your self.” was the reply. “If it is on my account that you are leaving this place, I would have you know that no matter where you go I shall go with you.” Said a despairing client to the psychiatrist, “No matter where I go I have to take myself along-and that spoils everything.” Both what you run away from - and what you yearn for-is within you. 🙂
glauce tipped:
Poor man, taking trouble with him!... Why didn't he stay put and obliterated the trouble instead? If you think about it, running away and yearning are thought processes and, in many cases, nothing else but thought... I find that bothersome things of that nature can be gotten rid of by simply not thinking about it, I mean never thinking about it at all, not even for a millisecond... just stop... it works every time, like watching a fruit dry out in the sun.
glauce replied:
I just wish we could apply the same treatment to events that affect us from the outside, not as products of our minds.