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Mass Democracy has failed, Tiered Democracy is the Future. ... 10 Citizens Elect 1 Tier1 Representative 10 Tier1 Representatives Elect 1 Tier2 Representative 10 Tier2 Representatives Elect 1 Tier3 Representative 10 Tier3 Representatives Elect 1 Tier4 Representative 10 Tier4 Representatives Elect 1 Tier5 Representative ... This process continues until there are under 10 of the Highest Tier(X) Representatives who then Elect the President... as far as 'rule from below' goes, this is the best system. It severely limits media influence and the possibility of vote rigging. Vote Tiered Democracy for a democratic system based on personal relationships rather than ownership/control/support of media and voter fraud organizations. This system is also organic, it does not require official approval from anyone to work. The major question then becomes, who is to be counted as a 'Citizen?' This will be my last post until another player joins this channel. RISE AGAIN.