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1 Craig Wright (Unofficial Chat)

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Maybe you would like to have a full list of Craig Wright public videos in chronological order, here you are!!!! Any idea or suggestions are welcome!!! https://ramonquesada.com/english/craig-wright-videos/ Compilation of +440 Craig Wright´s Post, Papers & Books in chronological order https://ramonquesada.com/english/compilation-craig-wright/ Craig S. Wright academic (1992-2012) https://ramonquesada.com/english/craig-s-wright-academic/ TELEGRAMS CHANNELS: Names in alphabetical order. https://ramonquesada.com/english/telegrams-channels/ Who was Dave Kleiman? https://t.co/9YSY2zUIiu Is he Satoshi or is he my Brother? By Danni-D https://ramonquesada.com/english/is-he-satoshi-or-is-he-my-brother-by-danni-d/ DEPOSITION OF DONALD JOSEPH LYNAM https://ramonquesada.com/english/deposition-of-donald-joseph-lynam/ SATOSHI IS DEAD – LONG LIVE SATOSHI. By Ian Grigg https://ramonquesada.com/english/satoshi-is-dead-long-live-satoshi/ Who is Ian Grigg? https://t.co/NeFALMT1Au Who is Joseph Vaughn-Perling? https://ramonquesada.com/english/who-is-joseph-vaughn-perling/ 2005 First Known Satoshi Nakamoto Sighting. Joseph Vaughn-Perling https://t.co/LRDoiodZdX I believe Craig Steven Wright is the person who invented Bitcoin. By Gavin Andresen https://ramonquesada.com/english/i-believe-craig-is-satoshi/ Who is Gavin Andresen? https://t.co/NHAHqjH20P I don’t think Craig is a scammer. I think he is Satoshi. Roger Ver https://ramonquesada.com/english/i-dont-think-craig-is-a-scammer-roger-ver/ How I Met Satoshi. By Jon Matonis https://ramonquesada.com/english/how-i-met-satoshi-by-jon-matonis/ WHY WE THINK CRAIG WRIGHT IS SATOSHI. By Jack Laskey and Dave Mullen-Muhr https://ramonquesada.com/english/why-we-think-craig-wright-is-satoshi/ Who was Prof. David Rees? https://ramonquesada.com/english/who-was-prof-david-rees/ Interview with Laszlo Hanyecz. Zoë Bernard May 30, 2018, https://ramonquesada.com/english/interview-with-laszlo-hanyecz/ Bitcoin and me (Hal Finney) March 19, 2013 https://ramonquesada.com/english/hal-finney/ Who is Ray Dillinger? https://t.co/thgACBfLLo Interview with Ray Dillinger. Posted on October 1, 2018 https://ramonquesada.com/english/interview-with-ray-dillinger/ If I’d Known What We Were Starting. September 20th 2017 Ray Dillinger https://ramonquesada.com/english/if-id-known-what-we-were-starting/ The Satoshi Affair Andrew O’Hagan 30 June 2016 https://ramonquesada.com/english/the-satoshi-afaire/ Who is Mike Hearn? https://t.co/5BqoWpYwNZ The resolution of the Bitcoin experiment. By Mike Hearn Jan 14, 2016 https://ramonquesada.com/english/the-resolution-of-the-bitcoin-experiment-by-mike-hearn/
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