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Our municipality just voted to approve a bylaw enforcing the mandatory use of face masks in public places, starting tomorrow.
well maybe they wouldn't have felt the need to baby you like that if you'd just voluntarily taken that trivial amount of responsibility in the first fucking place, jesus "new law, to prevent pandemic spread, starting today you will no longer be allowed to spit in strangers' faces whenever you feel like" we should all be fucking embarrassed of our condition as a society that such a law needed to be made
You know that it is a process of training the sheep to accept whatever they say as truth without questioning it. It has been proven that masks don't help much, but it is just a way of conditioning the peoples minds to do as been told. It is preparing us for something big coming in the future.
volt replied:
Some say it was proven that masks help
neokiewiet replied:
Who are the some and don't tell me the media? Show me the scientific proof? I am not talking about the obvious that, agreed, the only thing they do is maybe when you cough they can limit the spread of fluids by a very small margin. I am talking about the over emphasized lie by the media/governments that masks will stop the virus. This is just not true.
Meanwhile Dutch minister says something else. https://uk.mobile.reuters.com/article/amp/idUKKCN24U2YT
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1 year ago
What are your thoughts/feelings on this?
brian replied:
I don't think I really care all that much. It doesn't bug me to wear one if it makes other people feel better. At the same time, I naturally don't like being told what to do. In the end, my apathy wins out and I just wear it.
bender replied:
Yah, i feel the same way about being told what to do, and when it comes to our town i am sure i am gonna bitch under my breath about it, but not take it out on business owners/employees for doing their job. My wife has a part time job serving at a restaurant while going thru university, and she said people have called her names, yelled at her, made an awful scene and some of them are regulars, they should be ashamed of themselves for attacking her for following guidelines.. we live in a society ffs 🤬 dingdongs..
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1 year ago
nenicloud replied:
the food service industry in new orleans is dead...that used to be how I made money. And people are most certainly giving looks to people who are getting toooo clooose to them...they will turn down an aisle just to go to the next aisle in the grocery to avoid passing people...my wife is a cellular molecular biologist but is actually in med school at the moment. She thinks I am absolutely selfish and reckless for not wanting to wear a mask, goggles, and gloves out in public. To appease her (and because it is law here) I do wear a mask, but I would not if it were not a legal issue or a relationship issue. But I will not take this whole thing any longer than 2 more months, and that's if I can even last that long. For arguments sake, the virus is real (some people think it's completely fabricated). I am not scared of death...I do not want to die...I do not want to be sick as hell. The funny thing about this whole thing is that I have no desired to be able to be identified in public for legal reasons and because our police our typically not my friend here (I have had multiple negative experiences with officers here for the most bogus shit), but I do not want to lose my identity, I want my facial gestures to be seen by people, I want to breath without having some mask bothering the crap out of me...If you have to wear a mask all day, you likely do not find it comfortable. I do not think masks help the situation, but I might be wrong. People wear dirty masks all the time...we live in the "disinformation age" when we were taught that we were entering the information age not long ago. Who knows the truth about all of this? Does anyone have a lab I can visit? Peer reviewed articles are great...But a lot of research is government funded. This is a worldwide issue...can the conspiracy really be of that magnitude? Someone who knows a lot about how particular agencies work and I asked that person if things were really made out to look so fantastical to confuse people about the truth...the reply was an immediate 'you are spot on, but I know for a fact that you believe some of the biggest lies there are because I worked on fabricating those lies'. Then I was told some truths...I felt like a priest listening to a confession. That conversation was pre-COVID...but there was mention of this person's biggest fear being a massive EMP that takes out power across the globe. That was a couple years ago... I'll live this off here, but my bottom line is that I am not keen on buying into either side of this pan/plandemic. I do not know the truth about this one. People think they do, but they don't. People are guessing based on what they are fed info-wise. TV programming was called TV programming because it was a way to start programming people (routines that centered around shows)...skip all the way to now and we have social media and mainstream media...everything in between...It is all a clusterfuck and your are not supposed to know the truth. You are supposed to further divide humans from other humans by promoting inequalities in the treatment of races. You are supposed to dislike the person not wearing a mask. You are supposed to obey and not question. You are supposed to wait for the government to fix the problem. You are supposed to not think for yourself. You are supposed trust liars. I expect that this will either not be read, or that I will be told I am a dickhead with no respect for others. That's ok with me. You wear your protective gear...it will save you. I swear...so why are you worried about me?
nenicloud replied:
Sorry about the typos...just like I am too lazy to wear a mask, I'm too lazy to fix the typos I see in the previous comment. Cheers!
nenicloud replied:
One last thing...I'm out of money...will work for Bitcoin.