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What is Bitfeed for?


There was an interesting question on Bitfeed forum. Basically the idea is to use Bitfeed not only for the obvious use case of publishing a list of posts, but for version control. (Spoiler alert: This is exactly how Powpress already works, will discuss below)

Simplicity = Flexibility

Well, guess what, this is exactly what Bitfeed was designed for, and is why it is built from scratch to be as simple as possible instead of piggybacking on existing feed formats like RSS or ATOM.

By being as simple as possible (instead of all the bells and whistles like RSS), it can be used for anything instead of simply content syndication.

After all, a Bitfeed is simply a list of Bitcoin transaction IDs. That's all there is to it. By staying as minimal and unopinionated as possible, we can use it for anything. Any application that produces or stores Bitcoin transactions may use Bitfeed to publish their transaction IDs for any purpose.

If someone wants more features, it can be layered on top of Bitfeed. I won't talk about what the right strategy is since it's still too early and we will need to see some usage patterns and use cases, but the idea is that Bitfeed follows the "end-to-end principle", which is the principle upon which the Internet was built:

When a function has to be supported in a networked system, the designer often asks if it should be implemented at the end systems; or should it be implemented within the communication subsystem that interconnects all the end systems. The end-to-end argument or principle states that it's proper to implement the function in the end systems

Anyway, this means Bitfeed can be used for anything. It's not just for publishing a list of articles. For example, it can be used to publish multiple versions of a same entity, and more...


User Feed

Powpress has a private user feed that can be accessed only by the owner. You can access it at the top of the homepage while you're signed in:

Version Feed

You can also access a Bitfeed for every post. Simply click the "history" button at the top of any post and you will see the entire Bitfeed with all the version history inside.

Again, this is only accessible while you're signed in, but there will be ways to export these transaction IDs easily in the future. 


Just to clarify, everything on Powpress is private and only you can access. The Bitfeeds are only accessible when you're signed in, and in the future there will be easier ways to export your transactions.

But the point is, Powpress is just an example. You can imagine how you can use Bitfeed to implement all kinds of Bitcoin transaction feeds, such as:

  • Ordinary payment transactions such as P2PKH (Pay to public key hash)
  • OP_RETURN transactions (data carrier transactions)
  • Smart contract transactions (Complex Bitcoin script transactions)
  • Offchain/Onchain transactions

It is still early and we will only find out the potential when more people start implementing Bitfeed, but I am sure that once it starts, the value will be exponential.

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Wow - sounds cool and useful. For a js / web noob dev (and loving server == bitcoin) I d like to see some baby impl e.g. on github ?
thank you for this explanation which I'll have to read over a few more times and ponder.
momma i made it
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