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Total Economy: 3.79 USD
Whoever gives me the largest tip under this post wins $1. Competition ends July 18th 18.00 UTC
eatmybitcorn tipped:
cvpitvlist tipped:
neokiewiet tipped:
Haha. Has made Profit as@cvpitvlist already tip $1. :-)
Anyone going to start tipping at a loss?
brian replied:
I have. It's fun right now, so I don't care.
how to make 1% on your capital lmao
mooncat tipped:
eatmybitcorn replied:
lol, well played
cvpitvlist tipped:
eatmybitcorn replied:
thanks :)
satoshi replied:
I could tip myself $2 and win the game, but that would be quite a dick move 😁
cvpitvlist replied:
Lmaooo how many burner accounts you have
satoshi tipped:
satoshi replied:
WP, congrats FTW
mooncat replied:
haha 😆
cvpitvlist replied:
Lmao thanks
which year?
satoshi replied:
2020, sorry