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I believe time will prove that CityOnChain's original concept of a "social ownership" app was an effective idea with very useful incentives that went over a lot of people's heads. It has been fairly well-executed even though it wasn't well articulated.
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So what is a good definition of social ownership? A app that is a social network or community, but is segmented such that users are able to acquire and sell conceptual real estate and mindshare within that app. As a user becomes a social owner of the segment, the segment has profit prospects but few loss prospects as most fixed costs are borne by the app itself and maintained through a fee system. The user incentives as a segment owner are deep and enduring. As social owner, the user is able to get a cut of transactions in the segment as well as produce advertising revenue within the segment. The social owner is incentivized to cooperate with other segment social owners for a positive community, to invest in attracting users to the app, motivated to generate good content in the app, and to assist any users that arrive there. A social owner has much more market reach through the app than if they owned anything independently, as defined by Metcalfe's Law. (social networks have already proven this which is why as facebook storefront gets more traffic than a web page store front)
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Wow, thank you for your very fine articulation of what has been my experience as a city owner on CityOnChain.
For the fancy people in BSV, the concept of an app facilitating social ownership is too gauche, i.e. look what it makes users do- act speculative and be like hypesters. They reject it without thinking about the value of the excitement of people having a stake in something potentially among many of whom have a stake in little else.
Last Fall, the collective BSV message just going all in with tips and payment for useful content was so great and Twetch was the poster boy. I thought this was incorrect, but I didn't waste any time online to debate it. I believe time would prove it. These are expense transactions: i.e. you reward somebody for thoughts or whatever and don't expect anything in return. It's in insufficient motivation. It's what people should refer to as a "minor feature", rather than a building block. It lacks deep incentive. Now 9 or 10 months have gone by. BSV users use these apps Twetch and Powping, but time shown that these ideas don't produce sufficient pull into the ecosystem. I don't have to argue with this. Now I am here to talk to BSVers about what other ideas are there. What was missed or dismissed? I am here to say that CoC has a good concept in social ownership that provides deeper user incentives.
The developer team are based in China 🇨🇳 i think ( don’t take those words for cash ) JimmyWin spoke about it at Seoul CoinGeek, i caught it from day 1 or 2.
percept replied:
Yes. The CoC team appeared there for funding. I believe that once the de facto BSV Influence team passed on it, CoC became ignored.
murphy replied:
With 9000cities and growing.... only fools ignore the potential of it. It’s not complete, they are still adding thing and features.
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It's the elephant in the room that everyone tip toes around.
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There is a problem of BSVers not listening to its user. Random BSV user the other day: "I LOVE that app" Elitist BSVer: scoff, dismiss it in past tense call it "ghost town"
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So True. I’m such a picky user... please me , capture a huge market share. Hidden gems... are often in plain sight. Thanks God for those eyes to see.
sirquacksalot replied:
Often those who complain about a place being a ghost town, don't actually contribute anything to it. Funny how that works 😏