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BSV Basics

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Last year we counted down to Genesis in an all night party at the BSV Basics Telegram group... and here are again, a year later, on its 1st Anniversary! Celebrate Genesis anniversary live with CoinGeek’s Kurt Wuckert Jr. on YouTube https://coingeek.com/celebrate-genesis-anniversary-live-coingeeks-kurt-wuckert-jr-on-youtube/
Cheers,@glauce! I just finished watching this (not live). :)
glauce replied:
Cheers@satoshidoodles :) I managed to mess up my timings, so missed the meetup that happened a couple of hours before. I will add a link when/if it is uploaded to YouTube... so we have the whole set!
The Genesis block ---> 620,538
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1 year ago
glauce replied:
🥂 cheers@petergec !
petergec replied: