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If I sent an amount of money(bsv) to someone and asked them to “pay-it-forward” and they did and so on… would I be able to create a map of where it had been sent? Or would some other data (e.g. IP ) have to be added to the transaction?
pete tipped:
:-) This is interesting. Maybe someone knows for sure, but here's my suggestion: the chain of events can be followed back and forth with, for example, a BSV address by accessing the BSV database/blockchain. (Which is why recycling already used BSV addresses decreases privacy.)
Hmmm, yeah I was thinking about it more as a bit of a stunt that might go viral and have it sent all over the globe…
pete replied:
👍 If you'd like to create a map that has markers for each user who participated in that game, then you'd need to include in the transaction either user's coordinates or some other piece of info that contains coordinates. Google Maps has an API, but it's not free. With it you could collect user's coordinates and Place ID like so: https://developers.google.com/maps/documentation/geocoding/overview#GeocodingResponses
Thanks Pete!