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Taking a lot of self control not replying to ... certain sentiments on Twitter. Seems like people would rather be in Etherium. I guess you can’t blame them for not having any expertise in business...
musiq tipped:
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2 years ago
You mean all the "let's bring Defi to BSV" guys?
jonathanaird replied:
Hard to believe that’s actually a thing. People need to study Bitcoin harder!
jonathanaird replied:
There’s this idea floating around that we should be seeing lots of traction and users by now and that’s somehow people’s fault for taking VC money or actually the fault of the VC money and people aren’t “grinding” enough or something.
musiq replied:
Most of them who attack VCs are those who already made a lot of money from coin flipping and ICOs, or have a lot of money through other means (like come from rich background). They're all hypocrites.
jonathanaird replied:
Yeah, good point, projecting much?