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RelayX Ft/NFT

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https://www.relayx.com/market/fb7f759c4a60274e7acccfa9e668450ce84b2a709047f5aeef8fd52971fbeda5_o1 This token is worth .001 BSV and can be bought to reserve an NFT that is being offered by TEE/PEG. If you cannot afford an NFT that we offer, spend what you can by grabbing these tokens & let us know which NFT you want us to reserve so we can take it out of circulation. We will charge a 3% fee for holding the NFT. Contact nfteebsv@protonmail.com or https://twetch.app/u/51697 or https://twetch.app/u/5546 or https://twitter.com/TEE94451238
stating the NFT you want to reserve. We have the right to charge a 6% fee for any NFTs that are on reserve for 45 days or more if we are unable to reach the person who initiated this contract by having us put an NFT on hold. If you decide that you are no longer interested in the NFT on hold, let us know so we can re-list the NFT in the marketplace. The 45 day rule still stands unless we agree to waive the 6% fee. We are a fair and understanding business. We can decide to waive any fees at any time.