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What's your preferred investment and why: Taal shares or BSV tokens? Short term, long term?
musiq tipped:
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2 years ago
Preferred is BSV by about 10:1 ratio, but like both long term (4-7 years). TAAL is riskier due to unknown factors like speed of transactions growth bs recent disruptive halvening. The halvening will prove quite awful for the general mining industry and if it wasn’t so damaging then TAAL’s downside would be smaller. So until transactions ramp a lot more TAAL is quite risky at its current price. But you want to own some bc it could easily rocket upwards with a change in sentiment.
That's the good question. I see strong positives for TAAL long term, since they are looking at both fiat and mining revenue. Meaning they eventually will be able to onboard clients, who never even touch BSV, but just pay the fees in fiat and get all the benefits of a public ledger. The value of TAAL can increase independent of the price or social acceptance of BSV. But to me, that's a while away. BSV is a hard one to judge. Wall street are playing with BTC and moving the markets, so have no clue what power they will exert over the BSV price now. Whether it'll be up or down After seeing how the stock market just keeps going up during rona and all the job losses. Nothing makes sense!
monbon replied:
I have both just in case. 10% taal 90% bsv.
john replied:
Agree with monbon. BSV with about 10% of net worth and TAAL at 1-5%, so 10:1 is a good ratio
If I had to guess, maybe bsv but who knows. End of the day buy both and you can’t go wrong.