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Art & Words

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I keep forgetting to subscribe to channels! Sorry man. here's another original track I made years back and did a solid recording + bass + backups. Yeah, I might be a savage online at times, when it's called for, but I got a soft side too lol https://vocaroo.com/1md0k9RNCRon
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1 year ago
Welcome to the Art & Words channel:). I'll send some Art & Words Tokens your way for posting content. Feel free to HODL them or share them as others post content. Thank you for joining!
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1 year ago
felon_musk replied:
cheers man. i have a trippy 1/3rd done autobiographical/philosophical piece, thats pretty wild too. I used autobiographical to explain bizarre/uncommonly considered, sometimes psychologically disturbing and difficult philosophical stuff. Disturbing because it's like.. it's scary, some of the stuff I've realized, that we cannot know for sure, and once you realize it, it can actually cause anxiety. Kind of why I haven't distributed it at all actually, it's got to be a legitimately hard read for people and I don't want to actually hurt peoples psyches. The thing is, some of the stuff I've figured out over time, they are objective truths, and unknowable things. They are just things that we generally don't ever consider because they're so abstract. Once you do though, you can't really ever forget them or rationally deny them, so they can sort of stick around in your consciousness afterwards. In that regard I generally don't like distributing certain ideas I've unfortunately stumbled upon that I myself can never forget now. Lol. might eventually post it, idk. it's pretty personal but peoples response was good. i've been through some crazy shit and I only got into the start of it, not even the craziest stuff. It's just the difficult, possibly psychologically harmful ideas I don't want to distribute, but the book doesn't work without it.
disclaimer: always been more about the guitar than vocals/lyrics. Lyrics I can write like nothing, but I never practiced singing. but vocals just gotta happen sometimes, so ya gotta work with it lol.
nate replied:
I dig this one too. Great job and thanks for sharing! Make an NFT