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Total Economy: 113.2 USD
Those hedge funds got so hurt that now they're attacking back and they just tricked me into buying silver We must fight back harder let's take all of their money back to the people where it belongs. The key is to be relaxed come peaceful while working hard
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9 months ago
See in this picture
I sent myself a tip just to bring people to the attention of the fact that silver was a trap and they bloody did get me.
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The egregiousness of the media blows my mind
Hold the Line. Silver is Money. don't think in term of profit but insurance of wealth . if it's not for you , it's for your Children and theirs.
erik replied:
In the long run yes talking 3 years or more but with no margin positions
10 years ago i looked at that Silver junk, good luck with it. People accumulated it for thousand of years, its well distributed and the amount available to sell is staggering.
erik replied:
Can't really agree with it gold and silver always has been a form of money the problem here is stock market has been rigged heavily for 20 40 years or much longer Trump is getting fiat currency back on gold standard so I believe in the future we will see rises of price within silver and gold but including the stock market as well if we lose this fight against the deep state I'm expecting that everything will crash silver gold stock markets absolutely everything but I have faith that we will pull through