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BitCoin being a 'Peer to Peer Electronic Cash System' is a smokescreen. It's going to have absolutely nothing to do with money, for the most part. It's lightyears ahead of that and has been hidden right in front of us, but I see literally no one talking about. People are going to have a very difficult time w/ the truth after learning what BitCoin's true purpose / endgame is. I suspect most people will know by the year 2045. It's going to be frightening and glorious at the same time.
I'm not turning myself into a cyborg, that's for sure... https://www.yours.org/content/exponential-on-chain-growth-and-it-s-amazing-potential-impact-on-human-dbafa91e9097 [Link is broken right now because Yours.org appears to be down]
light replied:
enlight me :)
danlazo replied:
Bitcoin SV network will be the mark of the beast. Unless you use it, you can't buy or sell.