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People usually have several dreams each night, each one typically lasting for between five to 20 minutes. During a typical lifetime, people spend an average of six years dreaming.

Egyptians believed a god named Bes was responsible for their dreams. Dreams were a sacred part of the Egyptian culture. They believed the gods could communicate with you through your dreams. They also believed that dreams could foretell the future.

Native Americans beliefs about dreams are that they are an extension of reality, an opportunity to travel to other realms, and communicate with ancestors and spirit guides.

Tibetan Dream Yoga is the original form of lucid dreaming documented for at least 1,000 years. Also known as Milam - the yoga of the dream state - it's a suite of advanced tantric techniques.

Lucid dreams are when you know that you're dreaming while you're asleep. You're aware that the events flashing through your brain aren't really happening. But the dream feels vivid and real. You may even be able to control how the action unfolds.

Most dreams occur during REM (rapid eye movement) sleep. This is part of the sleep-wake cycle and is controlled by the reticular activating system whose circuits run from the brain stem through the thalamus to the cortex.

Modern psychologists and neurologists, armed with imaging equipment including PET scans and MRIs, speculating that dreaming is the brain’s way of dumping excess data, consolidating important information, keeping us alert to danger and more.

The threat simulation theory of dreaming states that dream consciousness is essentially an ancient biological defence mechanism, evolutionarily selected for its capacity to repeatedly simulate threatening events.

Anxiety and depression can cause adult nightmares. Post-traumatic stress disorder also commonly causes people to experience chronic, recurrent nightmares. Nightmares in adults can be caused by certain sleep disorders.

A bad dream about falling means you feel powerless or out of control, or that you are afraid of failing at something. A nightmare about drowning means you feel overwhelmed by your emotions.

Jung, through his own self-analysis, concluded that our darkest dreams might contain imagery that illustrates our internal conflicts and point to their cure as well. Dreams are an important part of the development of the personality, for individuation. Jung saw dreams as the psyche's attempt to communicate important things to the individual, and he valued them highly, perhaps above all else, as a way of knowing what was really going on.

A dream journal is a record of experiences that you dream about in your sleep. You can start by simply writing down what you remember. You can start to analyze what your dreams mean (especially if you keep having the same kinds of dreams over and over).

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