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Feature requests: 1. PWA support 2. RelayX support 3. Bitpic support
Whats wrong with moneybutton? Why confuse the user wih moneybutton or relayx? All users want is something that works, and is simple as possible. Stop developing for development sake.
joshua replied:
What happens when money button goes down? Like it did this past weekend? Then you're dead in the water cause a silly choice was made to rely on a single point of failure.
joshua replied:
Also it is significantly faster
thacypha replied:
oh powping was crippled i must have missed it!
> 1. PWA support I will look into it. > 2. RelayX support Yes I had this in mind from the beginning and everything was designed with it in mind. Just need to flesh out some identity related architectural decisions first. > 3. Bitpic support Despite the fact that I'm the one who runs Bitpic, I have made the decision to not integrate Bitpic at the moment. This is a deliberate decision that's probably not obvious to most people since I haven't publicized what's really going on underneath yet, but it's important because I want to keep the underlying architecture as simple as possible. Bitpic may be integrated in the future when things become more fleshed out, but for the time being, I'm trying to keep the system as pure as possible (everything on the site follows the same protocol)
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