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If you look at a Boost on Baemail, why not simply attach a huge fee to transaction associated with the email, then it's boosted!? You might protest that BoostPOW has a magnitude of PoW proportional to the Boost. But who cares? The end user can't tell. Why? Because BoostPOW is not an actual output to the system. That's the lie. And that's why I say BoostPoW proponents are either scammers or bad at information system analysis.
> Because BoostPOW is not an actual output to the system What do you mean when you say "output" here? Still trying to wrap my head around.
bitcoinrealist replied:
when you do information system analysis, you try to abstract as much of the system as possible. Like functions in programming. If you were to write a function in a programming language that simulated BoostPOW. BoostPOW would be inside that function and it would only return an upvote. Nobody would care one bit that you created a Rube Goldberg solution as the body of your function.