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First you copy 26-35 alphanumeric characters. Then you double and triple check everything. Then you do a small test transaction. Then you do a real transaction. Then you pray to all 14 gods and wait 4 hours for confirmation. Easy. Mass adoption soon.
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while bsv cultists are like reee my confirmations, US banks will do BTC custody scaling solved. granma ready
mooncat replied:
scaling isn't solved - scaling still sucks if btc is heavily used. nobody is going to build on btc either because it sucks. transfer fees will still be high and slow Because volatility is still bad, btc's store of value will still suck.
brian replied:
I have to agree with@mooncat on this one. I think scaling will be a huge issue in the very near future. BTC, with its high fees, excludes a good part of the third world that can't afford to transact at all. That's no way for a global currency to perform.
pleb replied:
Scaling got solved by custodial solutions. its not muh keys muh coins but nobody gives a shit at least granma can call her bank if she needs help