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One feature this needs is the ability to set a default tip amount in your profile. I think people would be a lot more likely to tip it if it was more streamlined.
bender tipped:
0.04 USD
2 years ago
I really like the open end tip setup.. perhaps a 2 cent like option listed on main feed? With the tip option left as is? I like to be able to click like on main feed without entering into post page 🙂
badger replied:
It would be an option on your profile, I'm sure the vast majority of people have a number they want to tip 99% of the time, and that's different user to user. If I'm going to always tip 5 cents, why not just be able to make that my default and not have to input it every single time?
bender replied:
i see what you are saying, will be interesting to see the system evolve. A default tip amount would work for some, and variable amount for others. Having the option for each is a great idea depending on the user, if set on profile always same amount and if not set then open end variable option.
pafkata replied:
How do you tip ? I only get the free swipe when I click on the Tip button..I cannot do anything else in the popup