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Art & Words

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So is this kind of stuff ok to post here? I did the art, of course, but one thing I like to do with my art is design my own MtG card with it. I feel like the card frames add a bit more to the standalone art.
nate tipped:
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1 year ago
Oooh that’s a killer item - that last ability is intense... direct damage one of your own creatures & attack again. Nice art👍 Did you make the title, stats, and all?
bransm_art replied:
I did, yeah! It's something I really enjoy doing. It adds some purpose to my art, lol
nate replied:
So the equip cost must still be paid if the item is transferred, right? That’d be the only brake to ensure this didn’t get too op.
bransm_art replied:
It has to be inherited to trigger, and the trigger only happens during your turn and can only happen once. That was the plan anyway! Wording mtg cards isn't my strong suit
nate replied:
Ha - it’s like a legal document. Loopholes and fine print and every exact word counts haha
Cool. You should do some cards and mint them on relayx.
at one point my kids invented their own card game and created hundreds of characters and stats, will have to find them and post.
bransm_art replied:
That's awesome! Kids have such creative minds, man!
nate replied: